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"I need to make Bali a part of my everyday life!"

My aim with Bohemian Bali Boutique was to create a lifestyle brand and an online web store for South Africa, that not only showcases bohemian-inspired pieces with original design and introspective into Balinese culture but also help inspires creativity in every customer celebrating their intuitive sense of individuality and freedom.

- Sericha (owner)

A shout out to Bohemian Bali Boutique, I received my Bohemian Bali bag within 2 days, wow, love it! Tx Sericha

Yvette Enslin

The MOST beautiful products and best service!

Mandi Naude

Beautifully handpicked products,and a friendly service provider. Thank you Sericha

Bianca Elema

Did you know?

Our products are sourced from small families who support their local communities showcasing authentic Balinese products and culture